The success of international cosmetics


Cosmetics, an artifact that can upgrade the face value, […]

Cosmetics, an artifact that can upgrade the face value, few people can not use it at all. Chengdu Cosmetic Packaging Company has a common ideal: hope that many domestic cosmetics can be on the international stage. Many cosmetics entrepreneurs in China have also been working hard, but why have they never been able to make their cosmetics on the international stage?

In 1842, Wei Yuan mentioned in his book "Hai Guo Tu Zhi" that "teachers and foreigners use their skills to control foreigners", then the western top international cosmetics success model is worth learning from.

Chengdu's cosmetic packaging company concludes that the success of international cosmetics lies in its R & D and production capabilities and the shaping of brand culture, which are also the two most lacking points in China.

1. R & D and production

It is said that a qualified research and development talent needs to have knowledge, experience, and reserves of biology, pharmacy, colloid chemistry, materials, nanotechnology, clinical, etc. At present, relevant domestic talents are not dominant in this field. China's current industrial system has caused its investment in R & D costs and market returns to be disproportionate. As a result, production capacity is also somewhat different from western developed countries.

Brand culture

If a brand has a soul, it must be the brand's culture. Culture is the connotation and core of the brand. Many entrepreneurs in China hold a scornful attitude towards their own nation and culture. They only know that they have continuously imitated western popular culture and ignored their traditional culture. Without self-confidence, it is impossible to get your brand to the extreme.

In the future, R & D and production capabilities will continue to narrow the gap or even surpass. However, the lack of confidence in culture is a difficult problem to overcome.

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